Hi there, I’m Selina!

Hi there, I’m Selina!

After 15 years in my corporate job, working for major Financial Services organisations, I officially became unemployable in August 2018.

The lead-up to that moment was missed dinners, constant visits to my doctor and too many stress-related illnesses to list here.

The final straw came when I found myself crying in the office bathroom at 06h30 one morning—asking myself if this was really the life I wanted. Could this really be it? The answer was a resounding no.

When I started my coaching journey, so many things became clearer. I had many revelations in that first year that changed my life.

My career transition from employee to business owner wasn’t smooth sailing.

It was hard to trust what I couldn’t see. There were many times when I gave up at the point I see in so many of my clients – that pivotal point where you can either go back to the way things were or face the discomfort and move forward. 

This is where my interest and passion for transition steps from, from my own struggles with change and the challenges I saw my clients facing. I wanted to help professionals get comfortable with change and support them through uncomfortable life and career transitions.  

My mission is to help you develop the mindset and tools to create a career that fulfils and rewards you, live a life beyond your current reality and succeed beyond your current limits.

My Coaching Background

I’m an ICF Accredited Coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. During my career, I specialised in Human Resource Management, Learning and Development, Future Leadership Development and Graduate Development Programmes. 

I have always enjoyed working with people at various stages of their careers. 

My five-part coaching framework for high-performing professionals is a culmination of my experience and expertise. Designed to support you to create a thriving career that lights you up, fulfils you and pays you what you are worth.

The process is flexible, and my approach as a coach is non-directive, ensuring that I always honour your agenda and outcomes as the client. And that we co-create solutions unique to your experience. 

The coaching process includes supporting you in

  • Finding clarity in relation to your career and life desires 
  • Understanding and articulating what you want
  • Developing self-awareness and self-trust
  • Creating a clear plan to get to your desired outcomes 
  • Empowering you to take action daily to achieve your goals

The key to a successful coaching journey with my clients lies in creating an environment that supports learning, personal development, accountability and trust.

As you go through this journey with me, you will transition into a career that inspires you, discover a different way of being and become a leader who thrives on empowering and nurturing those you’ve been tasked to lead.

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Bcom Human Resources

Bcom Honors Industrial & Organisational Psychology

Learning & Development Management Certification

Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching

Agile PM Foundations Certification

Agile PM Practitioner Certification

Are you ready to work with me?

If you are ready to master your life or career transitions now, then click the button below to schedule your no-obligation, free discovery call and let’s empower your journey.

What is coaching?

As an ICF-accredited coach, I ascribe to the ICF definition of coaching which is to partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

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