Your Change Character is Sheldon -
I never want to change

Sheldon Cooper’s character is characterised by extreme stubbornness. He is very comfortable with the way things are – to a fault. He is the poster child for resistance to change. 


Sheldon has to be in control of everything in life and he needs everything to stay in a specific way. He never takes risks, which means that he isn’t growing or learning new life skills. He is finicky about the temperature in the apartment, he has to sit in the same spot on the couch and he has to eat the same meals. Every detail of his life has to be planned. This alienates him at times and it means that he is missing out on new experiences, a more successful career and even a relationship. 

Do any of these characteristics resonate with you? 

We have all experienced resistance to change at some point, but some of us allow it to impact how we experience life. We make excuses to stay in unfulfilling jobs because anything unknown feels impossible. We live the same life over – year in and year out because the idea of changing things feels harder than our current safe situation. 

The thing is, eventually we will be forced to change. We may lose our jobs, we may have to move to a new home or our partner may decide to move on. When we don’t get comfortable with change, we leave our life and careers to chance, which can leave us feeling disempowered and undervalued, or worse, truly defeated. 

If you find yourself here, take a deep breath and don’t worry. The fact that you took this quiz tells me that you are ready for something better. 

Change can feel hard and, to be fair, sometimes it is. However, it is not impossible. I recommend small changes to help you build your change muscles”. This can be as small as changing your route to work in the morning or experiencing a different coffee shop for your morning coffee. Maybe go wild and order a latte if you typically order a cappuccino. Starting small will show you that change can be refreshing!


When you are ready for the next step, here are a few ways to become a little less like Sheldon and usher in the more fulfilling life you are dreaming of.

See the following three steps as your instant life and career solution!

1. Book a 30-minute coaching call with me. We spend thirty minutes thinking through your current experience and come up with one step you can take to shift your current situation. Schedule an introductory call to find out if this is the perfect next step for you

2. Start the journey on your own. If you would like to start your  journey to a more passionate and fulfilling life at your own pace, grab a copy of my workbook,  From Undecided to Empowered: A guide to positive change. For only $27!

3. Ready to truly upgrade your life or your career? Then you can book a one-on-one coaching package with me. Every life and career transition is different. Working with me means we ensure solutions suit your needs and outcomes

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