Your Change Character is Leonard -
always on the cusp of change

“I can change …. maybe …. I am not sure actually.”


Does this sound familiar? 


Leonard Hofstadter is drawn to the idea of change, but he is often fearful and unsure. He takes risks at times, like asking Penny to go out with him, but he always feels like he is not quite stepping into his power. He second guesses himself all the time. He has the ability to change, as we all do, but he is often worried that he won’t be successful. He overthinks, well, everything! 

Leonard is often held back by his own fear and Sheldon’s critical voice. We all have that critical voice. Sometimes we have to lean into curiosity to understand what overthinking gives us, or worse, what it takes away from us. What do we miss out on if we don’t ask Penny to marry us? (In Leonard’s case, he would have missed out on his dream girlfriend who became his wife!) On the bright side, what is the pay-off if we quiet our inner critic?

If these characteristics resonate…

You think carefully about the changes you want to make, and that’s great! However, unexpected changes have the potential to completely get you down. You may want to step out and experience change more often to build the resilience needed to respond with confidence when unexpected change comes your way (and let’s face it, life is full of surprises).

The good news is you have taken the first step by finding out which Big Bang Theory change character you are most like. Well done for being open to learning more about yourself! The fact that you took this quiz tells me that you are ready for something better. But change can feel hard and to be fair, sometimes it is – but it is not impossible. And more often than not, amazing things are waiting on the other side. 

I recommend small changes to help you flex your change muscles. This can be as small as changing your route to work in the morning. Then, work your way up to something a bit bolder. If you have been putting off asking for a promotion, applying for a new job, or asking someone out to coffee, now is the time to do it. Build up your case so you can prove why you are worthy of this next step. If it’s a date you’re hoping for, remember not everyone is right for you, so if they politely decline, pick up your chin, play your favorite song, and keep your eyes open for someone better. 

And when you get the promotion or the date, celebrate! This builds up a powerful change muscle and reminds you that putting yourself out there comes with great rewards. 

Ready to feel that proud, celebratory moment right now? Let’s work together to ensure you don’t let fear take the wheel any longer.

See the following three steps as your instant life and career solution!

1. Book a 30-minute coaching call with me. We spend thirty minutes thinking through your current experience and come up with one step you can take to shift your current situation. Schedule an introductory call to find out if this is the perfect next step for you

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