Your Change Character is Penny -
always ready for change

Penny’s character is easy going and happy in any situation. She has a way of getting the support she needs no matter the situation. Her focus is on the solution and getting out of the current situation. Because she is focused on solutions, it seems like she can handle any change that comes her way.  

If this is you then you are a few steps ahead of Leonard, which means that when faced with a surprise or a challenge, you take charge and get things done. You can live anywhere, get along with anyone, and you are happy to take any job if it means it will pay the rent. You don’t really think about what you have to do or want to do, you simply get the job in front of you done. 

Having a Penny attitude means that you handle change easily, but small changes. These are day-to-day surprises that may trip others up (like Sheldon, for sure!) but you run with it. Where you might struggle is with transformational change, because you move so quickly through experiences without recognising what you may have “lost” as a result of the situation or how you may have been impacted by the experience. These loss events often catch up with you down the road. You look back and think, “Huh, maybe I should have been better prepared,” or “Maybe I should have seen that coming.”

When you are always rushing to get to a “safe place,” you forget to pay attention to how you are feeling in the moment and why you are making certain decisions. You may find yourself in a career you would not have said yes to if you had more time to make an informed decision. 

Big changes can feel hard (like Penny going all-in on her acting career) and to be fair, sometimes it is, but it is not impossible. Sometimes it’s easy to say, “Let me get a job and deal with the feelings later.” As with most things, later never comes. (Penny gives up acting for pharmaceutical sales, but she quickly admits she hates it and finds it unfulfilling.) 

Here’s a process to help you get started 

I recommend thinking back to the big changes events you have experienced in the past. Create space for yourself, grab your journal and reflect on those experiences. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently? Now, rather than wishing you could do it differently (the past is in the past), what lessons can you take from your past experiences and bring into your current situation? This is how we make progress and step into our power, and trust me, you are powerful enough to create a life that feels fulfilling and exciting.  

We may be okay with small changes, but to find our truest purpose and live the life we dream of, we need to get comfortable making big changes when necessary as well.  You don’t have to do it alone.

See the following three steps as your instant life and career solution!

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