From Undecided to Empowered: A guide to positive change


From undecided to empowered is a self-coaching guide designed to help you understand what’s continued to make you play small and gives you the foundation needed to create an empowering career and a life you are excited about.

Filled with 28 pages and 5 modules, you can come back to it as often as you need, during each twist and turn, knowing that you have everything you need to make positive changes in your life.


How do you feel about your life and career? 

“I want to feel that I am adding value and making a difference”.

“I want to feel fulfilled, proud and satisfied”.

“I want to feel happy, passionate and committed to what I do and I must love it and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day”.

Does any of that feel familiar? 

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, right? 

Think about the times you’ve vowed to start an exercise routine. Getting dressed is the hardest part, but once you’re out the door, it starts to get a little easier. The same can be said when we feel stuck in our career or life. 

Getting started is hard for most of us most of the time. I remember when I had to initiate the changes needed to progress in my career. Looking back on now, I recognise that I always knew when it was time for change. I knew because I strongly felt that I wanted something different, be it a new job, changing career direction or starting a healthy lifestyle. But knowing that I have to make changes didn’t mean I knew where to start or that I would always listen to my instincts right away.

 Over time, I created a process to help me understand  which situations allowed me to easily make changes in my life  and which experiences made it difficult to embrace change. I’ve refined this process over time and I am bringing it to you, in this guide. What often gets in the way of making the changes needed, is our relationship with change.

Your journey starts here

If you would like to start your journey and have a career and life where you feel valued, inspired and passionate, this guide is perfect for you. It helps you understand what’s keeping you in a position where you continue to play small, and gives you the foundation needed to create an empowering career and to create a life you are excited about.

Inside this 28-page guide you go on a journey through five modules. 

Here is a breakdown of the modules.

  1. What is your relationship with change right now? This is where we get started and get an understanding of your current relationship with change.
  2. Defining change. We look at the definition of change and why it is important to understand change.
  3. Easy change vs adaptive change. We distinguish between easy vs adaptive change to show you that we experience change all the time and in different ways.
  4. The many reasons why you won’t change. At this stage of the journey we begin to explore what gets in the way of change or why you won’t change.
  5. Embracing change – using what you have learnt. As a final step in the journey we reflect on the knowledge you’ve gained. We do a check-in to see if you have a better understanding of change now that you know a bit more about yourself and the topic of change.

Still not sure if this workbook is for you? Here’s what you can expect.

I really like that it’s compact. I didn’t think that, it being so short that it would be so impactful. Our lives are rushed and we need this. I also like that it’s not specifically focused on career but on personal development/relationships too. It’s user-friendly and the scenarios are based on real challenges experienced. I can’t tell you how I hated switching from Windows 7- Windows 10. It was an absolute horrid experience. I felt like I couldn’t be productive for 2 days and then it became second nature. 

What is also powerful is that it prompts you to think about how the scenarios impacted you. We sometimes as people don’t reflect. We process things, but leave it at that. I felt that by writing down the emotions I felt in the statement table, it helped me to recognise those emotions or feelings.

Return Policy

Because of the nature of this immediate, digital product, no refunds will be issued once a purchase is made. But trust me, if you do the work, you will have a better understanding of your relationship with change at the end of it!