Is it time to change your role, reigniting your career path or leave a toxic work environment?

My mission is to help mid-career professionals create careers they love without self-sacrifice.

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ReDiscover Coaching Programme

The personalised 12 week one-to-one coaching programme to take you from undecided, overwhelmed, and stuck in your career to a thriving career that lights you up, fulfils you, and rewards you.

  • Do you want to take back control of their career and your life?

  • Are you facing a major career transition, moving into a new career phase or industry?

  • Do you feel frustrated, like you’re wasting time stuck in a role you don't actually want to be in

If you answered yes to any of these, then let's chat. Click the link below to book your call today.

Career Strategy Intensive

Is there something specific holding you back from pursuing your most important career goals?

The Career Strategy Intensive is a 90-minute coaching call designed to help you slow down and think through your most significant obstacle right now. We create action steps to help you get unstuck so you focus on your bigger career goals.


The Career Catalyst Course

The 12-week self-study programme that will reignite your career path and help you achieve career success with clarity, confidence and a step by step action plan.

  • Do you want to go from being overworked and unhappy in your job to creating a meaningful impact in your work?

  • Are you exhausted from your never ending to do list, unable to catch a break whilst wondering how others around you are doing it all?

  • Have you been feeling like you're just going from one job to the next, hoping to find fulfilment, but facing the same challenges in each role?

If you are ready to take back control of your career path, join the launch list below.

Online Group Career Coaching and

Mentoring Sessions

Join me for monthly career group coaching and mentoring sessions and work through your day to day work challenges so that you can create the momentum needed to achieve your career goals! If you don't see a relevant group coaching topic, you can join the waitlist here


Are you an ambitious, hardworking professional
working in a corporate environment ready to be intentional about the life and career you desire?

One of the ways to stay focused on your goals is to create a plan that fits into your life and schedule. Join me in this live group coaching and mentoring session to create your career success plan for the next 90 days.

If you are ready to commit to your career goals despite your workload instead of waiting for your workload to decrease or things to slow down then this is for you.

Join us on 22 June 2023 at 16h30 SAST

Selina has been such an integral part of my career. Through her coaching I have been able to develop strategies and ways to "show up as my authentic self" at work which has really helped change my career! Never realised the importance of a career coach until I started working with her.

Indipile, Cape Town

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