Career and Leadership Coach for Mid-Career Professionals ready to take control of their life and career.

As a Career and Leadership Coach, my mission is to help professionals discover the changes they need to make to build a successful career without self-sacrifice.

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As a Mid-Career Professional you’ve had many successes in your career

but right now you might be feeling stuck and...

  • Wondering what to do next. You have been working hard your entire career and may have missed out on more than you care to admit.

  • Wondering how to stop letting fear control your decisions. There may have been many opportunities to change, shift or reset, but fear of change may have gotten in the way.

  • Wondering how to take back control of their career and your life. Maybe you’ve stayed in your role or career for too long and the next step seems impossible. Which keeps you stuck where you are, whether it's in a role and career or a toxic work environment.

Change is Hard

It’s hard for everyone and career change can feel even more challenging.

Working harder isn't going to change your work situation, six months to a year from now, that voice inside of you that is telling you to do something about your work life, will get loud again. Stepping out of your comfort zone, figuring out what you really want and then taking the steps to get there is going to be hard. It might make you want to stop before you’ve even started.

But you don't have to do it alone.

So if you are ready to finally move forward, whether it is changing your role, reigniting your career path or leaving a toxic work environment.


I am here to guide you through it, so you don't have to do it alone.

As a Projector in Human Design and as an Enneagram Five my role is to guide you through your current work situation so you can create a clear vision for what you want and design your own path to career success.

I have a natural gift for strategy, problem solving and finding solutions to your career development needs. I believe knowledge is power and love to accumulate information about subjects that interest me, especially personal development and leadership. Over coffee or a glass of champagne if you ask for my input or advice you will get access to years of experience, wisdom and all research I’ve come across to help you.

How I can help you

ReDiscover Coaching Programme

The personalised 12 week one-to-one coaching programme to take you from undecided, overwhelmed, and stuck in your career to a thriving career that lights you up, fulfils you, and rewards you

The Career Breakthrough Session

A personalised coaching experience designed to empower you to navigate your unique work challenges. In just 90 minutes, we collaborate to address your current obstacles and provide practical solutions and strategies to help you take immediate action and progress.

Before coaching with Selina, I had felt a bit despondent about my career and life in general, and to be honest, even in such a short time, Selina's coaching has had a huge impact on my life. I am currently working toward my career goals, but with much better clarity, which is what I was searching for at the start of this coaching journey. On a personal level, I feel more in control since I think more about my reasons for my actions or potential actions, rather than acting and dealing with the consequences (which was my previous modus operandi). - Andre, Korea

I feel much more at ease with where I am in my life currently and excited about some of my next steps that we talked about. I definitely got to know myself a lot better during this journey and got some tools that I can use for the rest of my life. Helena-Michelle, Cape Town

Selina supported me in my first year at [work]. Every interaction with her would leave me in one of three states- Feeling lighter; feeling equipped to tackle whatever we would have been working through; or asking the right questions. Her quiet kindness would foster a safe environment allowing me to truly unpack issues for what they really were. The tact with which she would guide the conversations always led to accurate problem identification, effectively supporting the work to correct. Selina would not leave issues hanging- Every session would end with techniques/tools to aide the situation and a commitment to revisit the issue at the next meeting. Rishaladza, Cape Town


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