One of the biggest regrets for mid-career professionals I work with is that they wish they didn't let fear stop them from making a change.

This was a challenge for me throughout my career,

letting fear stop me from:

  • Taking a job I wasn't 100% ready for

  • Exploring roles or careers outside of my field of study and experience

  • Asking to be included in specific projects or stretch assignments to help me grow

  • Leaving a work environment when I knew it wasn't the right place for me

  • Putting myself and my family ahead of my job


I'm Selina

I started my coaching practice because of my own challenges in my corporate career. But seeing professionals like me suffer the same way I did, inspired me to help as many professionals as possible to change their lives by changing their career paths.

  • To inspire professionals like you to build a successful career you love without self-sacrifice

  • To help you develop the mindset and tools to create a career that fulfils and rewards you

  • To live a life beyond your current reality and to succeed beyond your current limitations

If you love a story, here is mine!

Grab your favourite drink; mine is coffee, herbal tea or champagne, depending on the time of day.

After yet another 12-hour day at the office, I came home to find my dinner in the oven, my husband's empty plate in the sink, and it felt like someone sucker punched me right in the gut.

I stood alone in the kitchen and realised something had to change.

Growing up, we never really had dinner around the table. We had a big family, and both my parents worked. So when I lived with my now-husband, dinner was something I wanted us to have together.

But here I was, I'd missed dinner again, the one thing I said I would never do.

And the reason? Because I was so desperate to try and fit into my role as a Human Resources Professional. Thinking that working harder and longer would mean more time for myself and my relationships later. But later never came.

I never felt like I belonged in the corporate world, let alone in my job as an HR professional, as much as I loved helping people as a mentor and a coach. It never felt aligned, and I never felt like I was using my qualifications.

And even though I knew something was off, I didn't have the courage to change it or do anything different.

Not until the wheels started to come off.

That missed dinner was my wake-up call. My husband (then boyfriend) had been so understanding of my 'need' to work late, at weekends and any spare moment I could get, often at the expense of my health, well-being and our relationship.

But he had had enough.

I wish I could say that I changed everything that day, but as with most change experiences, it took a few weeks for me to go back to working like I was the only person alive who could do the work. I continued working the way I did, more aware of what I was doing but not feeling capable of changing it.

My body started reacting to my way of working with a flare-up of eczema (that I used to have as a toddler), constant fatigue, headaches and regular visits to my doctor.

Gay Hendricks says when we are not in our Zone of Genius, we often suffer from illnesses that are hard to diagnose.

Looking back now, I know I wasn't in my Zone of Genius.

It all finally came to a head when I found myself in a toxic work environment working with a toxic leader who made me feel like I knew nothing and deserved even less.

There I was with a post-grad qualification and experience spanning over a decade, wondering if I was capable of doing the job I had been doing for years.

When we stay in toxic work environments long enough, we start to believe we are not good enough. We begin to think we are incapable, and we start losing ourselves.

I didn't recognise the person staring back at me when I looked in the mirror, but I felt so trapped by my circumstances that it seemed like I had no way out.

Crying in the office bathroom at 6:30 one morning, I asked myself if this was really the life I wanted. Could this really be it? The answer was a resounding no. I am not sure where the answer came from, but I started working on my exit strategy that day.

I officially became unemployable in 2018. I took my expertise and experience and created a four-part coaching framework for high-performing professionals working in a corporate environment. Supporting them to create a thriving career that lights them up, fulfils and rewards them. So they never have to miss dinner again.

Get results like these

Coaching with you has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I have grown considerably and learnt so much about myself in such a short space of time. I could not have reached this point in my life without the help of your coaching and I value the time we have spent together. Thank you Selina. I can truly say that this was one of those things I had never thought I needed, and would definitely recommend coaching to anyone no matter which phase of life you are in.

Andre, Korea

Working with Selina was eye-opening for me. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but I learnt so much about myself and where I want my career to go. I feel more excited about my future, my career and the business I am keen on getting off the ground. I've built a solid foundation from which to work from thanks to the coaching sessions with Selina.

Kelly, Cape Town

You can read more about my background and experience on Linkedin.

But I also included a snippet below.

My Coaching Background and Experience I'm an ICF Accredited Coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. During my career, I specialised in Human Resource Management, Learning and Development, Future Leadership Development and Graduate Development Programmes.

I have always enjoyed working with people at various stages of their careers.

My four-part coaching framework for high-performing professionals is a culmination of my experience and expertise. Designed to support you in creating a career path you love.

The process is flexible, and my approach as a coach is non-directive, ensuring I always honour your agenda and outcomes as the client. And that we co-create solutions unique to your experience.

The coaching process includes supporting you in:

  • Finding clarity in relation to your career and life goals

  • Understanding and articulating what you want

  • Developing self-awareness and self-trust

  • Creating a clear strategy and plan to get to your desired outcomes

  • Empowering you to take action daily to achieve your most important goals

The key to a successful coaching journey with my clients is creating an environment that supports; learning, personal development, accountability and trust.

As you go through this journey with me, you will transition into a job, career or work environment that inspires you.

Let's create your path to career success

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